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3 Quick Style Tips Every Man Should Know

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1. Roll Your Shirt Sleeves Like They Deserve

Sometimes it’s the little things that let your outfit down. Messily rolled shirt sleeves not only make you look like you’re about to do battle with a blocked toilet, they’ll also repeatedly fall back down your forearms. Annoying.

For a neat roll, deploy the marine’s approach:

  1. Start with your sleeves fully extended and cuffs unbuttoned.
  2. 2. Bend the sleeve at the cuff, curl it upward and over itself until it’s inside out.
  1. Straighten both the bottom and top of the rolled cuff, ensuring there are no creases.
  2. Repeat the process as necessary, gradually folding up to the desired height on your arm.

2. Socks Can Make or Break

Nothing quite kills a carefully curated ensemble like a pair of wayward socks. Small (and mostly out of sight) as they may be, a flash of Spongebob under your glove-fit suit trousers instantly undoes any and all of your efforts.

Stop playing a game of chance with your sock drawer and stock up on styles that actually work with what you usually wear. As a general rule of thumb, match the colour of your socks to that of your trousers (a shade darker or lighter works too); or, for more seasoned players, try a contrasting colour that doesn’t clash so much as complement your trouser and shoe choice.

3. Rotate

Not only is wearing the same thing day in, day out terminally boring, it’s bad for your clothing’s lifespan too. Leaving a day or so between wearing your favourite pair of brogues or that trusty white T-shirt allows them to absorb perspiration and dry thoroughly.

Fail to do this and your footwear’s shape warps, while your tees quickly acquire that pungent fragrance you’ll never quite be able to wash out.

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