4 Small Mistakes To Avoid With Your New Suit

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1 – Wearing A Belt

This one is going to be controversial but it’s true. Suits are meant to enhance your silhouette and give it natural flow. All wearing a belt does is split your silhouette in half. If you go bespoke or made to measure (which we’re assuming you are as you are reading this) you should always go for side adjusters as your trousers should fit you perfectly to a point where the belt becomes obsolete.


2 – Not Tailoring Your Sleeves

Showing some cuff is the icing on the tailoring cake. Show too much and you look like a schoolboy wearing last years uniform, show too little and you look like your Dad has let you try on his jacket. Do yourself a favour and get them tailored! Sleeve length can make our break a fit even when everything else is perfect.


3 – Too Many Accessories

It’s tempting when first getting your suit to grab as many accessories as you can. Watch, cuff links, tie, tie bar, pocket square, pocket watch, lapel pin. Stop! The point of a suit is to look classic and clean cut. Added all these extra elements into the outfit can make it look too busy thus destroying the effect. Two to three max is the sweet spot.


4 – Leaving The Vents Stitched

There’s no excuse for this. How are there still people going around with the temporary stitching left in there suits?! It’s bright white thread, take it out!



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