5 Suits Every Man Should Own

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1. The Classic Navy

A single breasted, navy suit is one of, if not the most versatile suits a man can own. Suitable for almost every occasion barring black tie events, the navy suit can be paired with a variety of colours and styling options to create hundreds looks. Whether worn with a crisp white shirt, polo or t-shirt, the navy the suit can keep you looking sharp for every occasion.


2. The Tuxedo

A fashion staple of luxury and sophistication. A black tux can turn any man into a suave, James Bond-type instantly. Although tempting to hire, a tailored black tux really can’t be beat so don;t hesitate to splash the cash. A sleek, black, peak lapel tuxedo is guaranteed to never fall out of style.

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3. Summer Palettes

A neutral stone or tan is perfect for the hotter months. Couple this with a half lined jacket and a linen shirt and you’re going to stay cool in a suit no matter the weather. For more tips on beating the heat check out our Spring/Summer Style Guide.


4. The Three Piece

The three piece over time has become less popular with modern tailoring due to them becoming more associated with weddings. A three piece if done right can look just as sharp, if not sharper than the classic two piece suit. A three piece in a grey, windowpane check can be one the most versatile pieces in your collection. Perfect for weddings but also perfect for formal occasions that don’t quite require black tie. The waistcoat can be removed to create a two piece of even paired with a contrasting suit to give it a unique twist.


5. Double-Breasted

Double-Breasted is another style that is unfairly viewed as “old fashioned”. A tailored, close fitting, double-breasted suit is one of the most elegant and underrated looks in my opinion. Nothing quite stands out at a formal occasion as a double amongst a crowd of singles.

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