Celebrity Style Shorts: Christoph Waltz

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Christoph Waltz, in my opinion, is hands down one of the greatest “villain” actors of our generation. Nobody brings such a calm and collected evil to every role thrown at him like Waltz. As well as being an award-winning actor Christoph is a man of impeccable style. Whether he’s trying to get one over on James Bond or walking the red carpet he is always looking sharp as knife.


From his role in the most recent James Bond film we can see him sporting a style of jacket that’s quite uncommon on the big screen and one of the more interesting pieces he has worn in his career. The Nehru jacket’s origins reach back to the 1500’s but came about into mainstream menswear in 1940’s India. Although not as common in the Wes, the Nehru jacket has level of sophistication to it only achieved otherwise by a dinner jacket.  Waltz’s version features jetted pockets and concealed buttons to the jacket a minimalist and futuristic look that ties in perfectly with the aesthetics of the film. Nehru jackets are usually quite a formal piece of attire but Christoph’s character has paired it with a casual, collarless shirt and grey trousers allow the jacket to have a less formal style.




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