Celebrity Style Shorts: Jon Hamm

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Jon Hamm has always been a man of style. Whether you’ve seen him walking the red carpets or swanning around drinking bourbon as Don Draper in the hit TV series ‘Mad Men’ he’s always looking sharp. However, Jon Hamm and Don Draper have a very different sense of style when it comes to their tailoring and rightly so as they are from different eras. Hamm is very much a modern, tailored man whereas Draper’s style is much more fitting in the 60’s where the show is set originally. Earthy, textured tones with a wider cut give Don an all business demeanour.


Style: “Mad Men”


When starring in such a successful, award winning TV franchise as ‘Mad Men’ an extensive collection of dinner suits (commonly referred to as tuxedos) is essential. Hamm’s choice in evening wear is an area he (or his tailor) clearly has an eye for. Classic blacks and midnight blues grace the award show carpets as well as the occasional appearance of bolder pieces such as the Bond-esque white dinner jacket. Hamm’s style really can range from the traditional to quite the eccentric.



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