Why You Should Ditch The Four In Hand Knot

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The ‘Four in Hand’ is the most commonly known knot in the world. It’s the first knot your Dad taught you on the first day of school. Whether you’re walking through the office, out to dinner or just watching TV you’ll find this knot in abundance. It’s understandable, it’s a very simple knot that has very few ways it can go wrong.


Unfortunately simplicity doesn’t make up for the fact that out of the hundreds of knots available it is, in my opinion, one of the ugliest. Nothing ruins the clean lines of a well fitting suit like a lopsided, four in hand knot. Opting for the four in hand shows a lack of attention to detail. It’s the “it’ll do” of tie knots.


Instead go for a classic half or full Windsor note. Both of Windsor knots are symmetrical if done correctly and the larger brings much more balance. Instead looking like a kid in school uniform you’ll look like the CEO.


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