Double-Breasted: The Return

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Often regarded as old fashioned and overly formal the double-breasted suit has been unfairly thought of as out of style for a good few years. Until now. The recent trend in men’s tailoring has seen double breasted jackets  making a dramatic comeback. With stars like Ryan Gosling and David Beckham showing how they can be made to look sleek and modern, there’s never been a better time to purchase one. To create your own double breasted masterpiece, book a free consultation with us today.



The key to wearing a men’s double-breasted blazer is the fit. If the suit doesn’t fit just so, then it needs to be hemmed or tailored to fit your body type. The main difference in fit between a single and double-breasted jacket is the wrapping fit you can only achieve with the double-breasted cut.  With its two panels that overlap it creates a well-fitted look that is neat and polished. As a formal suit fit is everything. That means it is vital to make sure that the double-breasted jacket fits well in the chest, shoulders, and arms, as well as the trousers. A double-breasted suit jacket looks best buttoned and can be buttoned with the middle, and or last button only, or with the top button as well. By buttoning the jacket it forms a slim fitting suit that adds to its overall formal look. In turn making it a great fit for formal occasions.

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