How you should be folding your Pocket Square

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Pocket Square are a wonderful way to add an extra touch of colour or contrast to a suit. There are multiple ways to fold your pocket square and they all give a different style and message.

Square/Presidential Fold:

This is one of the most subtlest and easily executed. This style would work well for a more conservative occasion, whether you’re attending a black tie event or an important meeting.

Square Fold Pocket Square

Photo Credit: Time Out

One Point Fold:

This is much more eye catching compared to the square fold, due to the triangular shape it provides. The one point fold also offers versatility to your overall look, as it would look great worn to the office or meeting friends for dinner.

One Point Pocket Square Fold

Photo Credit: Idle Man

Two Point Fold:

A variation on the one point fold. The two point fold consists of two peaks displayed from the pocket. This type of fold can handle brightness and detailing, so when choosing patterns go for gingham, plaids and paisley. One available in a silk would be perfect.

Two Point Pocket Square Fold

Photo Credit: Gentleman’s Gazette

Three Point Fold:

Also known as a crown fold.  This has to be one of the most complicated folds. We suggest going for this style once you’ve become more confident wearing pocket squares. As the folds are smaller with a three point we suggest going for a gingham check.

Three Point Pocket Square Fold

Photo Credit: He Spoke Style

Casual Fold:

The casual fold, also known as the puff fold has to be one of the simplest folds of all. Offering a more traditional and subtle display, this style of pocket square offers plenty of body. This is also a great way for you to play around with different patterns. Go for a pocket square in a silk, this will help to add the right volume to your look.

Puff Fold Pocket Square

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