Mastering the Art of Separates: Spezzato

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Spezzato is loosely translated from Italian as mix-and-match or divided. In Italy wearing a suit is more about making a bold statement than fitting in at the office and that’s where Spezzato has evolved from. The art of mixing and matching suit separates has become very popular recently and nobody does it better than the Italians.





  1. If you’re looking to start experimenting with separates then staying within a colour palette is the easiest way to start. A navy jacket paired with lighter blue trousers for example.
  2. Once you feel comfortable within your colour palettes break the rules and contrast. A navy has the versatility to go with almost any coloured trouser besides maybe black. A light grey jacket paired with charcoal trousers gives a relaxed but sophisticated edge.
  3. Try not to mix patterns unless they’re very subtle. A rule of thumb for patterned separates is contrast the patterned piece by going for a solid colour on either the trousers or the jacket.
  4. Opting for more casual footwear is the way to go. Black oxfords should be avoided as Spezzato is about being causal and comfortable.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone.
  6. Most importantly, have fun with it.

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