Finely Tailored Mens Suits in Exeter

Gentlemen in the South West have been accustomed to having to travel into London whenever they wished to acquire a new bespoke suit but thanks to Zebel, this is no longer necessary. We do have a showroom in Savile Row, along with other top UK tailors, but we also have a base right here in Exeter.

If you demand the very best as far as tailored clothing is concerned but you have no desire to travel all the way into the capital unless you absolutely have to, please feel free to call us on 01392 758742 to make an appointment to be measured. Alternatively, simply pop into our local showroom to discuss your needs the next time you are in town. You can find us in Queen Street, opposite the Guildhall Shopping Centre.

Buying Made to Measure Men’s Suits in Exeter for the First Time

If you have only ever bought off-the-peg suits in the past, you are in for a real treat. However, buying a handmade suit is a little different to buying a readymade one in a large clothing store so you might like to consider the following points before you get started:

  • You Choose the Colour, Style and Fabrics – Instead of having to make do with whatever is available at your local stores, you can have anything you want when you buy a suit from us. With this in mind, it is a good idea to think about the colour, quality of wool and specific style points you desire in your new suit.
  • Trousers Wear More Quickly Than Jackets – Given the fact that most men spend a lot of time sitting down when wearing a suit, it is not surprising that the trousers wear more quickly. If you want to make sure that you can enjoy your new suit for many years to come it is therefore a good idea to order an extra pair of trousers. This is of course completely up to you though so if you’d rather not, that’s fine.
  • Handmade Suits Take a Little Time – Although we offer one of the faster bespoke tailoring services in the country, it does take a little time to produce a high quality, custom suit. You can expect to receive your order within 6 weeks from being measured.
  • Wool Comes in Various Thread Counts – In much the same way as Egyptian cotton is graded by the thread count, the wool we use to make your suits is also classified according to the number of threads per inch that it contains. If you want a suit for occasional wear, a higher thread count may be a good choice but for everyday wear, a more durable type of wool is preferable.

Once you have considered the above points, you should be better prepared to make your choices when buying men’s suits in Exeter. However, if you are still not sure what you want, please do not worry as we will be more than happy to help you make the right choices.