How To Pick the Right Suit For Your Body Type

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Suits come in a variety of styles and fits, and not all of them work well with every body type. Here’s a short guide to buying the right suit to match your body shape.



  • Opt for a peak lapel as it adds length to the torso.
  • Pinstripes can also give the illusion of extra height.
  • A shorter cut jacket will balance your frame overall and elongate your legs.
  • A shorter sleeve believe it or not with give the illusion of longer arms by showing a bit more cuff from your shirt.
  • As for trousers, get them tailored. Tapering and shortening are a must. Opt for no break in the trousers and it will add extra height.
  • Avoid wearing belts as it will separate your legs and torso.



  • Make sure your jacket length and sleeve lengths reflect your height. A shorter jacket or sleeve will only exaggerate your size.
  • As with the jacket, the trousers should avoid being cropped as it will only make it look like you’re too big for your suit.
  • Wearing separates will break up the legs and torso giving you more defined features.
  • Accessories will help break up the length of the jacket. A pocket square and potentially a ticket pocket will really help fill the space.



  • Try avoid softer shoulder jackets and instead opt for a well padded shoulder as it will broaden you out.
  • “Slim” lapels are almost standard these days but they will only exaggerate smaller shoulders and chests so instead try and find a wider lapel if available.
  • Patterns such as checks will hide your slender build.
  • A double breasted jacket will give the illusion of extra width in both the shoulders and the chest region.



  • Again, peak lapels will add height to your frame, balancing your proportions.
  • Avoid three button jackets as they will float towards the chest. Instead opt for a one or two button as it will sit better on a larger frame.
  • Tailoring the jacket to fit closer to your body will greatly reduce your silhouette giving you a slimmer look. Just because your a larger build does not mean you have to opt for the American “sack” suit.
  • Lighter fabrics will help reduce any bulk in the suit giving a closer fit.
  • Avoid larger patterns such as wide pinstripes and checks. Swap them for a narrow pinstripe to add length or a plain, dark fabric.



  • Padded shoulders should be avoided as they only add width and look odd sitting on a well built shoulder. Softer shoulders will accentuate your frame and give a sleeker fit.
  • Take the jacket in at the waist.
  • For a broader chest opt for a classic notch lapel over peak as it will give more balance to your torso.
  • If you’re buying off the rack and have larger thighs then settle for larger waist and get them tailored. This can also be done to calves to give a slimmer leg.


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