Roger Moore: The Iconic Styling of the Late James Bond Star

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With the sad news of Roger Moore’s recent passing we thought we’d take a look back at his unique styling during his run as the world’s most loved secret agent. Many consider Sean Connery to be the “best dressed” Bond of all the time but Roger Moore’s portrayal certainly has contention for the title. Nobody else has brought such personality and character through their tailoring to role as Roger did. Bringing in his own personal tailors for the role meant he always had a big say in 007’s wardrobe choices.


He pushed the boundaries for better or worse. Whether we’re talking about the iconic white tux from Octopussy (1983), or the notorious flares from the 70’s Bond films, he’s always making a statement. Aside from Sean Connery you could argue his Bond has aged the best. Dalton and Brosnan’s (Dalton’s especially) Bonds both look dated with the baggy fit of the 90’s whilst Roger Moore’s classically styled, peak lapel, double breasted, navy suit stands the tests of time.



He and his tailors truly had an eye for timeless style. Again, another peak lapel, double breasted suit. This time opting for a chalkstripe on grey, his personailty really shines through here. Moore’s Bond exudes sophistication and charisma.



There’s a sense of class that Daniel Craig’s grittier re-imagining of Bond most definitely lacks. Craig’s overly fitted Tom Ford’s suits look incredible in their own right and certainly fit the new style of the films but they’re missing the suave of the previous generations tailoring. Roger Moore was truly a gentleman and he will be greatly missed.





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