STYLE SECRET- Style Icons Won’t Reveal These Willingly!

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What Style says, is just a single thing. Stay Classy. There’s just one thing that complicates. The way style speaks. That speech is customized. It varies for different individual. Just like the languages of style are unique for each individual.

What does that mean?

Style is varied. It is vast. And, it does not stay the same for a troop of men. Then, how the style tips are going to help you out?

These are the source of light that will let you find your prime style treasure!

Simply, these tips are going to help you own what you wear. With confidence. And, discover your unique style. Something, that you will understand to the core. Something, that will be with you through the changing trends. Something, that will not let you become the slave of fashion change.

It’s your signature that will help you enhance the trends of today and tomorrow.

This was the secret that style icons don’t reveal. That’s how they rule the world of fashion.

But, we want our customers to walk in style. Forever. That’s the reason; we will provide you the style tips that you are NOT going to follow. You are going to INHERIT these.



Are you healthy? Are you skinny? Or you’re just okay? Whatever it is, see yourself as a style wizard. FIT is your magic wand.

Yes, you read right. You might have heard that wearing a bit loose clothing will hide your extra fat. Or fill up for some fat that you really need for staying visible. That’s all going to hit you straight in chest. It’s going to act opposite. You might put up yourself as ironically healthier or as a hanger.

Right fit is what going to polish your body. The extra fabric is never going to be your friend. So just ditch it for now.



Quality. Okay, now this is quite common. And obvious. But still, a bit overlooked. Many of men do deviate. Getting 2 suits than 1 in a price of half. Isn’t that a great deal?

Well, NO! That isn’t. It might be hard for us. But, we advice our customers to stop buying 2 good quality of suits. Invest in ONE Classic Suit. Something not good, but of best quality.

Clearly, One Classic Suit will offer you multiple classic choices. And the best quality will enhance each of those hybrid wears you’ll create.

  • A cool t-shirt can replace your classic suit shirt. You can accessorize it with a tie if you feel like.
  • Just use the suit jacket on any of your casual wear. It will create a formal look with a stylish hint.
  • Pair up your classic suit shirt with your denim. Exquisite!

You can come up with more dress-up options. Quality will enhance each of them. You don’t need to worry about this aspect much. We will take care of it.



Swag is in the new snickers. Paired up with your casuals? Great!

Look around. Guys, Guys and Guys. Don’t you think, being a MAN is a better option to become irreplaceable? Well, then how with this casual trend you’ll accomplish it?

We don’t want you to throw away your snickers. But, if you want to elevate your style, opt for occasional drifts.

For instance, make some space for an exquisite pair of formal brown shoes. Now, pair these with your casual dress up.

Face the Mirror. Perfect class. That uplifts your style.

A touch of formal shoes to even the simplest of your casuals can upgrade your standards.


Imbibe these fashion rituals traditionally. Accessorize with confidence. You are fit to go and grab that style treasure of yours. It’s unique and precious. Stay in style!

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