Style Secrets: Jacket Armholes

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Jacket armholes are exactly what they sound like. They’re where the shoulder meets the sleeve. They can also make or break a fit. Here’s why.

Have you ever bought an off-the-rack suit and no matter how many times you take it to the tailors it still just seems… off? The most likely cause is all to do with the way the armholes have been cut. Off-the-rack jackets are cut with the intention of fitting a wider range of body types. Because of this the armholes are often cut much larger and in an almost almond shape. This means that the armpit is stitched to the body much lower down and can ruin the feel and silhouette of the jacket. It also means when the arm is raised it tugs the rest jacket upwards.

At Zebel Bespoke we cut our armholes much higher to give the jacket a better fit but also for added comfort when moving. We even have the option to further raise the armhole for those who want a super slim look to their jacket while maintaining both movement and comfort.

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