Style Tips: Going Sockless

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Going sockless isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain style and confidence to make the look work. Showing a bit of ankle is gonna keep you cool in the summer months and keep you looking the height of fashion if done properly. The key to looking good whilst ditching the socks are the trousers and shoe combo..

Trousers need to be cropped and tapered to show the angles of the calf and reveal the ankle. This effect can be achieved without alterations by using a technique called the pin-roll to simulate tapered turn-ups. To pin-roll your trouser legs first overlap the material on the inseam of the leg to the width you want. Then while holding the material together, roll the leg up twice. Be warned this technique may not work on lighter material trousers and it can potentially damage the fabric if overused.

Shoes need to be more on the casual side to really do this look justice. Suede boat shoes or some monkstraps will finish the look off much better than a pair of black oxfords. Summer style is all about dressing down a bit without losing any of the sophistication and style. You’ll look a fool walking round in a dark, pinstripe business suit and your best pair of black oxfords if you try to ditch the socks.

Finally our biggest piece of advice is to not actually go sockless… Walking around all day in a new pair of shoes without any socks will leave your feet bruised and sweaty. Instead opt for a pair no-show socks. They’re specially shaped to dip below the cuff of low-top shoes making them undetectable. They’ll give you the desired affect as well keeping your feet comfortable.


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