Competitive Prices

We aim to provide our customers with an exceptionally fitting suit but without the extortionate price tag. This, however, does not mean we compromise on quality.

Quality Garments

Our service offers you uncompromising fits and build quality that will serve you well and at an affordable price-point.

Superior Cloths

Our tailors and style consultants will guide you through seasonal collections, consisting of over 4000 British and Italian Savile Row fabrics for every budget and occasion.



I am a regular customer of Zebel Bespoke. Their Service was second to none and the prices were highly competitive. They were very good with dealing with specific requirements. Their suits fit me and my wife perfectly and the quality of cloth used in the suit is also very good. The staff are lovely and helpful, never patronizing. Their style of tailoring is perfect for anyone, and made it perfect for my taste. I recommend their services to all.
Esmond Marker
09:55 18 Jul 17
I recently buy a bespoke suits from Zebel. I had my first bespoke suit made for me from Zebel and I was so happy with the quality of the work and they patiently listen to what you want. Zebel took great guiding me through the wide choice of cloths, linings, buttons, styles and detailing. And no one can design a suit better than them. I would confidently recommend the use of Zebel and their services, they are one of the best in the business. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone. Simply superb!. Fantastic. 10/10
jayden william
05:20 13 Jun 17
I selected Zebel for my wedding suit. Super and top quality service and reasonable pricing. Top quality products and fantastic customer service. The design and quality of suits was unbelievable. I was very happy with the high quality suits of Zebel. Zebel Bespoke team are very knowledgeable and always happy to help turn your dream wedding suit into a reality. I was very impressed with their service. Highly recommended.
Ethan Perez
10:40 04 Jul 17
Zebel Bespoke is an amazing store, I am very happy with high quality bespoke suits. I made a high quality well fitted wedding suit for my beautiful wife. The quality of clothes is quite impressive. Everything appeared to be top-shelf stuff. Lots of choice of materials and style, well measured and at the first fitting the suit fitted perfectly. They offer top quality products and fantastic customer service. I would fully recommend zebel Exeter. Very reasonably priced.
09:06 06 Jun 17
I choose my wedding suit from Zebel and they made my suits according to my expectations. Top quality products and fantastic customer service. They offer a various range of choice to meet your specific requirements. Zebel Bespoke team are very knowledgeable and always happy to help turn your dream wedding suit into a reality. I would to like recommend the use of Zebel bespoke clothes and their services, they are one of the very good in the business.
Marcus Miller
12:24 19 Jun 17
"The entire experience from beginning to end was professional and helpful. All involved in the process went above and beyond to help me pick out what I was looking for. The suits fit perfectly and exceeded my expectations. The customer service is top class and would reccommend their shop to anyone looking for a quality suit and first class service."- Thank you..
Nieves Rogers
07:00 27 Aug 17
One of the best pieces of clothing, which I purchased! Expert advice,great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Absolutely recommendable!
jacks martin
09:34 02 Sep 17
I am very happy with the top quality and unique quality bespoke suits and services of Zebel. Zebel is genuinely Savile Row service and quality without the extortionate price tag. I have been buying tailored suits for a number of years. Zebel Bespoke is an amazing store for stitching your suits, the quality of clothes is quite impressive. I fully appreciated a top quality tailored suits and service. I would fully recommend this company to anyone.
Simon Bob
08:32 17 May 17
It is pretty easy to find a menswear shop in any busy town centre and find clothes - as long as you're happy to shop on your own without any help and be happy with anything that comes along. However, when you know exactly what you want, you need to be talking to people who really know what they're talking about! This is where Zebel stands out. They aren't interested how amny clothes you want, but rather what style you want and how well you want it. They won't follow the fashion for you but rather find and create your own natural style that's unique to you and suits you the best. We have teamed up with Zebel for offering our premium range of wedding suits to hire so if you're getting married and need a personal stylist for an advice for your wedding suits, you should definitely consider visiting Zebel for a bespoke service for both hire and bespoke suit service.
23:06 30 Jan 18
Amazing service, very friendly and helpful. If you want a suit that fits you, I would strongly recommend Zebel Bespoke. You won't be disappointed.
Jacob Ringer
17:06 03 Apr 18
bought a marc darcy suit today. very impressed with team in the shop. very helpful and knowledgeable. great suits and shoes.
Andrew Seddon
18:42 07 Apr 18
You can only really understand the experience offered here, by getting yourself a suit made. And I would strongly reccomend it. From expert advice on cuts, fabrics and styles. To endless customisation and options, culminating in a top quality suit... You've just got to do it. Booking is required.
Matt Gifford
13:54 08 Apr 18
What a find! Zebels offers an amazing service. Cool interior, professional, smart, savvy owner and staff. A vast range of fabrics, oodles of advice and guidance and on the rail range of suits, shoes and more. Can't recommend highly enough...I'd give them 10 stars if I could.
Jacqueline Donahue
07:37 29 Apr 18
Loved this little suit shop, friendly different and reasonable. Found a fantastic suit fur my daughter's wedding
Mark Gilborson
17:40 01 May 18

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