Product Care


Always dry-clean your suits. Good cloths need good care so take them to a reputable cleaner

Every garment that is cleaned will change color slightly, so make sure you have the jacket and trousers cleaned together as this will allow the color to fade equally on both

The jacket of a suit will always last longer than the trousers so it is a good idea to have a second pair of trousers and alternate them with wear. Also have these cleaned together

The frequency in which you need to clean your suit will vary depending on how much you wear it. However, it is best not to over clean it, otherwise this will weaken the fibers

If your suit gets slightly soiled during a working lunch and you need to get a spot of dried on condiment off before that all important meeting; try lightly rubbing the dried on substance with another area of the same cloth. This will remove minimal marks and prevent the cloth from being damaged by scrubbing with a damp cloth which is not recommended

Using a clothes brush occasionally is OK as long as it is a soft bristle brush and the fabric is durable enough to allow for brushing

Whether at home or when traveling, make sure you hang your suit with care. The seams should run down the center of the trousers with the creases as the edges when folded over the hanger. If traveling make sure you hang your suit as soon as possible so as to minimize creasing

If traveling: hanging your suit on the back of the bathroom door while showering will allow the steam to remove minor creases from having the suit in the case for several hours

Always put your suit in a separate cover when traveling as this will prevent color transfer from other garments or damage from zips and other garment embellishment

The two large pockets on a suit jacket are best kept sealed. Filling them with items such as wallets, keys and mobile phones may distort or even pierce the fabric making the pockets sag

It is not uncommon for the wool fabrics to become shiny over time. However, you can reduce the onset by alternating suits during the working week. Wearing your jacket while driving or using a bag with an over the shoulder strap will crease the shoulder to become noticeably shiny compared to the rest of the suit.


Polish regularly! First remove any debris and use a soft brush with wax based polish. Although it is tempting to use the quick and easy sponge polishing kits, these are not the best for your shoes and are short lasting. The more you polish your shoes the longer the leather will last as this will prevent cracking of the leather.

Always use wooden shoe trees or stuff them with old newspaper. This is absorb any moisture from the days wear and maintain the shape of the shoe

The soles of your shoes should be looked after too. Make sure you keep an eye on the amount of wear on the soles. If you have leather soles be sure to allow them to dry properly, after wearing them in the rain, before wearing them again

Using a shoe leather lotion or wax once every 4 – 6 weeks will also stop cracking of the leather

Use a waterproofing suede protector to prevent permanent discoloration when the suede becomes wet


Always follow the washing instructions. It’s tempting to wash on a higher temperature but this will fade the color and reduce the luster and feel of good quality cotton. It is also better to hang dry as opposed to tumble drying for the same reason

Iron on the reverse side of the fabric with a medium heat to avoid damage to the fabric


Although the fabric of an overcoat is usually far more robust than that of a suit, the same cautions and care suggestions apply

If you use a lint roller or cloths brush be sure not to overdo it as this can loosen the surface fibers and cause pilling